London is a must place

Posted by Wesley on Tuesday Jun 10, 2014 Under United Kingdom

As a traveller I sometimes visit a city that really exceeds my expectations. Brighton escort agency introduced me to London and I went there not knowing what to expect from such a beautiful city. I found the locals there to be so accommodating, friendly and every day people who welcomed me with open arms at every turn.

Being my first visit to this extraordinary city I am reccommending it to everyone who may be thinking of heading there for business or for vacation. You will feel like you are part of the culture and you may not want to leave once you arrive.

The restaurants served the best meals around and the prices were better than I expected. My meal included a main course, salad, a drink and dessert and while enjoying this meal I watched the sun go down over the horizon.

I will always remember this spectacular city

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The Importance of Marriage

Posted by Wesley on Saturday May 17, 2014 Under Relationships

I think it is hilarious how the younger generation thinks having a fuck buddy is the coolest thing in the world. Really all it does is show their immaturity and dismantled outlook on the world of relationships. They think marriage is overrated and not for them, but fifty years ago marriage was everything. If only we could get today’s young adults to realize the importance of marriage, than maybe they could start to see the importance in raising a family. By having a buddy every other week, they might just end up having a baby with a woman/man they are not in love with. When this happens nothing good comes out of it, just arguments, court paper work and a whole lot of unnecessary stress for the children involved. It is a sad aspect of today’s world, but maybe someday it will all change.

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Why is my aunt at the airport?

Posted by Wesley on Tuesday Apr 29, 2014 Under Lifestyle

While picking up my boarding pass in Heathrow International Airport, on my way to New York, I noticed something a bit, astonishing the other day. It was something I least expected and was sure I’d never see. After checking my bags and walking to security, I noticed my aunt, standing in front of the north entrance doors, waiting. She wasn’t looking towards the doors though, but actually towards the arrival gate. What was my aunt doing at the airport, waiting for someone? She never left her house and only knew a few individuals outside of the family. Plus, the push up heels and lifting blouse seemed rather odd, despite the fact of her attractiveness.

I approached to say something when a man, must have been in his late 50s, took her by the waist. I was close enough to hear him whisper into her ears “You look just like your pictures.” Was my aunt one of the Edinburgh escorts I had heard so much about?

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You Dirty Rat

Posted by Wesley on Sunday Apr 6, 2014 Under Hobbies

When my brother and his wife were dating fuck buddies, their first date actually, she had accompanied the family on an all day outing.

Upon arrival back home she was in a big rush to beat everyone to the restroom. Now, you have to understand that this girl

was deathly afraid of mice and rats. She did manage to beat everyone into the restroom, at which point she lowered her pants and panties and seated herself. Then she spied a mouse trap directly in front of her that had captured a small mouse.

She was off and running, out the door, through the house doing her best to ‘get dressed’ on the run. She managed only to get her panties up as emerged from the bathroom screaming giving us all quite a shock and then a great laugh!

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The Call From My Wife

Posted by Wesley on Saturday Apr 5, 2014 Under Asia

No matter what people say, asian phone sex is not disgusting. Ever since I joined the military my wife and I do it almost on a daily basis. When I am out on a mission we do not get to speak for days at a time, but when I get back we are at it again. A lot of people do not realize that when you are in this position you need to find a way to keep intimacy in your relationship. Without it a relationship can slowly start to die. My buddies I served with used to laugh at me for it because every time I headed towards the bathroom when my wife called they knew what I was doing. I always laughed with them because I knew if they had a wife or a girlfriend than they would be doing the same thing.

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Travelling Alone in England

Posted by Wesley on Sunday Feb 2, 2014 Under Dating

If you are trying to travel in England all by yourself, you may come across some pretty exciting adventures. One of the most popular being Brighton escorts. You will be able to choose from a variety of escorts that you will be able to take out on a date, and much more. You will not have to worry about being lonely the entire time that you are there. There is so much that you can do in England whether you are actually by yourself or not. You can pay a fee hourly, or one flat rate for the escorts. You can definitely plan on having the time of your life once you get going in England. You can look up the many attractions that England has to offer way before you even travel there. This will give you a very good idea about what you can do and where you can go.

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